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Welcome to Falcon Land Company!

Looking to sell your property? Share your details with us for an accurate offer tailored to your needs. The more information you provide, the better we can assist you! Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

Why work with us

Get Your Guaranteed
All Cash Offer

We’ll make an all-cash offer for your land parcel, regardless of its condition or situation. You can trust our process with no surprises or unexpected hurdles.

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We Will Find The Right
Solution For You!

Our main goal is to enhance your life by finding the right solution for your property needs. If you want to sell any stressful property, we can quickly get you out from under it.

Any Condition. Any Situation.
We Buy Everything.

We’ll buy your property no matter the condition or situation, whether you’re facing foreclosure, divorce, or behind on taxes. Your circumstances don’t matter; we will work with you!

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"Everything went seamlessly. He treated us with great respect and we truly felt like we were valued.

We will make a cash offer on any piece of land,

regardless of the condition or situation!

Your situation and the property’s condition DOES NOT matter,
we are prepared to give you a fair cash offer.

Land Owners need to sell their land for many reasons, such as:

  1. They inherited a piece of property they don’t want and will never use it.
  2. They own a vacant parcel in the middle of nowhere.
  3. They are going through a challenging time (foreclosure, divorce, tax issues).
  4. They continue to pay property taxes on a property they don’t want.
  5. The property has been on the market for months and their real estate agent can’t sell it.
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We will make a fair cash offer on any piece of land, whatever the size, shape
or type.

We’ll pay in CASH for any kind of vacant land, including:

  • Rural Land
  • Residential or commercial use land
  • Forestry use land
  • Farmland

Honestly, it doesn’t matter!

Want a fair cash offer?

Wondering how much we can pay? Our offers are cash, fast, and no obligation.
You pay zero real estate agent commission. Just hit the button below and fill out the form for your offer!

How it all works!

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Step 1

Submit Your Property!

Fill out the form on this page and submit your property. We’ll automatically receive your information and begin our review process. We look at county data and recent sales data and research comparable properties to determine what we can offer you for your land.

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Step 2

Easy Due Diligence and We’ll Make You A Cash Offer!

We conduct detailed due diligence on your property or portfolio to ensure the title is marketable. After reviewing, we’ll contact you by phone or email to discuss our offer and, if agreed upon, promptly send a Purchase Agreement. You’ll be kept regularly informed of progress, especially if anything takes longer than expected.

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Step 3

You Get Paid!

Once we have completed all of our due diligence, and we receive a signed Purchase Agreement, we will begin the closing process and arrange a closing date with you.

You can leave all the work to us to close on your property. Once we close, the funds will be sent to you via check or wire transfer to your bank account based on your preference!

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"He gave me a fair offer and we completed the transaction quickly and now I have sold my property. I couldn’t be happier!”

Sell your land for cash!

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Get a Guaranteed All Cash Offer

We'll give you an all-cash offer on your land parcel. It doesn't matter what condition the property is in - don't worry about it!

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Sell Your Property Fast​​

Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that's stressing you out.

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Any Condition. Any Situation.

We'll buy regardless of condition and situation. Avoiding Foreclosure? Facing divorce? Behind on taxes? It doesn't matter.

Start here to get your cash offer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because we are honest, trustworthy, and will act fast and follow through on getting the transaction completed in as short amount of time as is possible.

Some operators in this business take MONTHS to close because they fail to control the details.  Every client of Falcon Land Company is a highly valued member of our family. We will pass the deal off to one of our agents or another investor in our network if we cannot provide you with the offer you deserve.

Absolutely, we love to chat with our prospective clients and we would prefer it if you called. You can reach us at this number: (602)767-2447.  Once we qualify your property, you will receive a personal call back from a member of our team typically within 1-3 business days, and many times within 24 hours.

Sometimes we keep a property for ourselves, but most of the time we resell the property to someone else. 

To be honest, the speed of the transaction, reliability of the of the information, and ease of sale.  Properties submitted via our website receive offers on average 50% sooner than via any other submittal method. A lot of work by our team takes place as soon as a property is submitted via the website that does not happen from other submission methods.

No, there are no charges for our services.  Once we agree on a purchase price, all the fees associated with the transaction will be covered by Falcon Land Company.

At Falcon Land Company, we can usually make an offer in 1-3 business days, depending upon the complexity of the deal and how much research is required on our end. Your satisfaction is important to us and we realize that time is of the essence, so we will move ahead as quickly as possible.

A purchase agreement, or PA, is simply our agreement stating that you want to sell your property to us. Sometimes, we will add more specific language if it is a land development deal or something similar. The PA spells out all the terms and the final purchase price, and the amount of money you will receive at closing.

Every deal we do goes through a title company and that title company handles the final disposition of the funds. The title company will send the payment either by check or via wire transfer to the client’s bank  based on their preference.

About Our Company

We stand at-the-ready to help you Sell Your Land Fast using our Simple and Stress-free process ...That’s the Falcon Land Way!

Welcome, I’m Scott Baily, Principal and Founder of Falcon Land Company.

With a lifelong passion for vacant land and the great outdoors, I founded Falcon Land Company to engage in the complex yet rewarding world of land acquisition. I believe that vacant land represents not just an asset but a tangible piece of opportunity and potential.

Our Approach

Having started my career on Wall Street, working diligently with emerging growth companies, I understand the nuanced challenges and advantages of unique assets like vacant land. Unlike other real estate forms, vacant land is often an illiquid asset, posing significant challenges for landowners.

Falcon Land Company is dedicated to addressing these challenges, providing comprehensive solutions for landowners looking to sell their properties. Our primary goal is to facilitate an understanding of the selling options and assist in making the most favorable decision possible.

Read more…

Scott Baily

Principal and Founder, Falcon Land Company

Our Blog

Peace-of-Mind 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


When you work with Falcon Land Company, it won’t take you long to realize that we’re not about just doing deals, or cutting corners or taking the easiest path. Instead, what we’re about is talking with you to find the best solution that meets your needs. We then work as hard as we can to make the process simple, smooth, and stress-free. 

That is Falcon Land Company’s promise to you and we stand by it with an unmatched Peace-of-Mind 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

When you sell your land to Falcon Land Company you get our 100% Peace-of-Mind Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll do everything in our power to make it right…that’s how much we believe in our process and exceptional service.

At Falcon Land Company, we guarantee:

• To make the process as simple, easy, and as stress-free as possible.
• To answer any and all questions you may have about selling your land to us.
• To be honest, respectful and professional with you.
• To use our knowledge and expertise to answer any questions you may have about the process
and the details of the transaction.
• To treat you like family.

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