About Our Company

We stand at-the-ready to help you Sell Your Land Fast using our Simple and Stress-free process ...That’s the Falcon Land Way!

Welcome, I’m Scott Baily, Principal and Founder of Falcon Land Company.

With a lifelong passion for vacant land and the great outdoors, I founded Falcon Land Company to engage in the complex yet rewarding world of land acquisition. I believe that vacant land represents not just an asset but a tangible piece of opportunity and potential.

Our Approach

Having started my career on Wall Street, working diligently with emerging growth companies, I understand the nuanced challenges and advantages of unique assets like vacant land. Unlike other real estate forms, vacant land is often an illiquid asset, posing significant challenges for landowners.

Falcon Land Company is dedicated to addressing these challenges, providing comprehensive solutions for landowners looking to sell their properties. Our primary goal is to facilitate understanding of the selling options and assist in making the most favorable decision possible. We employ a rigorous process that involves:

Evaluating Land Potential: Assessing the unique characteristics and intrinsic value of each land parcel.

Tailoring Solutions: Creating individualized plans to meet the client’s needs, recognizing the importance of legacy land.

Ensuring Integrity: Preserving the character of the land as much as possible, in line with our commitment to environmental stewardship.



Scott Baily

Principal and Founder, Falcon Land Company

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Our Mission

We strive to acquire underutilized and vacant land and place it in the hands of new owners who can utilize and appreciate the property. Our transaction philosophy emphasizes a win/win scenario that best suits the needs and goals of the landowners.

Your Trusted Partner

At Falcon Land Company, client communication is paramount. We keep our clients informed throughout the transaction, sharing insights on the process, timetable, and expectations until the deal is complete. If a satisfying solution isn’t found for all parties, the transaction will not proceed.

The Falcon Land Way

We have a profound affinity for land, mindful of its importance to the current owner, and are committed to offering the highest and best price. We see every piece of land as a story waiting to be told, and we look forward to learning about your land and its narrative.

Whether you’re a landowner looking to sell or in need of expert advice on land investment, we offer a Simple and Stress-free process to meet your desires and goals. At Falcon Land Company, we stand ready to help you Sell Your Land Fast.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Falcon Land Company at (602) 767-2447 or info@falconlandcompany.com. Let us guide you through your land journey today.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

Our Mission

The Mission of Falcon Land Company (FLC) is to provide our land-selling and land-buying clients with the most enriching and satisfying real estate experience possible, enabling them to achieve their real estate goals and objectives. This means finding the best solution that fits our client’s needs.  FLC does this by ensuring our clients are informed and educated, and ready to move ahead by taking positive action. Because Falcon Land Company is dedicated to exceptional service and achieving the best solution for our clients, we offer our Peace-of-Mind 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Son with father on mountain

Our Core Values

A Passion For Land & Exceptional Service.  We love the land and the outdoors, we always have and always will!   We are passionate about vacant land and finding a win/win scenario for our clients. We listen and understand what’s important to our clients and are fully committed to providing exceptional service by consistently keeping you informed about the transaction and communicating with you on a regular basis.

Integrity & Hard Work.  Integrity and honesty sets the foundation for everything we do. You can count on us to be trustworthy and honest.  We are deeply committed to continually earning the trust that our clients have come to expect. Individually and as a group, we feel honored when someone trusts us with their land selling or buying needs.

Dependable & Transparent. When you work with Falcon Land Company we’ll be there throughout the process to make sure everything goes smoothly and is stress free. Real estate transactions, even when dealing with rural vacant land, are prone to have some speed bumps and challenges along the way. However, we’ve been down this path numerous times so you can depend on us to be transparent and communicate with you every step of the transaction.  

Approachable & Accessible. Anytime you’re dealing with real estate transactions, some fascinating individuals and characters can come out of the woodwork and provide challenges. We’re an approachable, accessible and down-to-earth group that’s always easy to work with.

Peace-of-Mind 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our client’s happiness and their satisfaction is extremely important to us. Falcon Land Company is about exceptional service and finding the best solution that fits our client’s needs, and that’s why we offer our Peace-of-Mind 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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